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OpGL Globe Control Valve

Not all control valves have been created equal,and certainly our OpGLstands apart as one ofthe best globe control valve for industrialprocess applications. The OpGLhas beendesigned to provide not only superior control forthe most demanding industrial processes, butalso to deliver full compliance with the moststrict environmental protection regulations.
The OpGLprovides exceptional tight shutoff,precise throttling and fast response to a controlsignal due to its innovative control valve designand the robustness of all of its components.
Fitted with our OpTK pneumatic cylinderactuator, which delivers up to three times morelinear force than conventional diaphragmactuators, the OpGLplug moves accurately andfast into requested position in response to thecontrol signal. The plug’s stem is top guidedinside a robust bonnet along 70% of its length,thus avoiding unwanted oscillations that oftenoccur in cage guided control valves. Preciseflow characterization geometries are machinedon the face of the plug and not in the cages asoccurs with traditional valve manufacturers,thus delivering a more precise characterizationand accurate flow control.
The OpGLinnovative design has also taken intoconsideration the needs of industrial plant valvemaintenance personnel with features such asclamped-in seats instead of screw-in seatseasily removed for maintenance, and the topentry design which makes the removal ofgaskets and trims, easy and fast.
In addition the OpGLoffers an extensive arrayof features and accessories to optimize itsapplication on any industrial process: Anti-cavitation trims, special metal hardeningprocesses such as CVD-5B, Bellow Seals for“Zero” fluid emissions, Class V metal-to-metalshutoff trims, etc.In summary the OpGLwill be a significantcontributor to plant efficiency, productconsistency, quality and savings as well asplant security and environmental regulationscompliance.